“I took it… and went out today and got two clients!”

“That’s great. Wait… you did what?” 

“I took that conversation we had last night, and used it! I went today out and got two clients with it!” reported Armando, a budding business coach.

His report caught me completely off guard. Got two clients? With what conversation?

Armando Garcia, a veteran Silicon Vally techpreneur had built—not one, but three multimillion-dollar businesses—one having climbed in value to a whopping $87M! He reached a point in his life where he wanted to share the decades of his own experience to impact others.

After discovering coaching was such a great vehicle to do this, he jumped in with both feet!  Armando invested over $10,000 into various trainings, earned a couple certifications, and waited for leads to discover his talents through the few online directories in which he had been published.

On top of that, Armando was a regular networker, always looking to get into a meaningful discussion with individuals at local events.

He’d share helpful bits of his expertise, expecting at least a few conversations to lead to paying clients. Any soul looking for business mentorship would be a fool to pass him up.

The value he delivers is rich!  However, he found himself hitting walls. 


Concepts that were easy for him would often confuse his listeners. His expertise spanned across so many different things that it was hard for him to communicate what and how he could solve others’ problems. 

Prospects would get no further than an initial conversation, leaving Armando with not much of a profitable practice.

We all help solve problems for others. However, we don’t know where they are at the current moment. We don’t even know if THEY know enough about themselves, that they can pin-point where they are

The Hudge Factor removes all of these boundaries and draws the prospect into your simple offering and keeps the conversation on track.

The Hudge Factor simplifies any service-provider’s practice into a simple, easy-to-communicate “recipe” that becomes—not only a natural conversation that can sell—but the very foundation of your business.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

Armando now describes his own “Proprietary Method” as the lifeblood of his business. He’s used it to package and sell his own IP (intellectual property).

His own Proprietary Method of Success™ is impossible to ignore; it’s a reminder of the way that only he can be one of the best decisions his clients could ever make. It’s the fuel for every single piece of content he creates. As he develops his business, it keeps him focused and gives him a path that’s easy to see.


It’s what separates him from having any competitors at all.

Once his prospects have been exposed to his Propriety Method of Success™, they have a decision to make: 

If they want his proven way of getting the things done that they need to get done, it’s either a yes or no. No one else on the planet has Armando’s “recipe” other than him. Want it? And the results it brings? You must go through him to get it?

Armando led his new coaching business to hit his $50K milestone within the following six months.

[ahem…  That’s WHILE running his three other businesses]

Experts have used the Hudge Factor to...

Launch Online Memberships and Serve Their Members

Like Michael K., who runs his membership of 200+ small farmers from all over the world

Present and Sell Their Marketing Services

Like Duane Zingale, who was hired on the spot by Mike Kim once he shared his PMS™ with his mastermind

Grow their Local Advertising Agency

Like Deborah Johnson of Whizz Advertising, additional $41K in revenue

Teach a Community of Corporate Women

Like Sandra Green who runs her own membership and coaching programs for corporate women in the UK

Equip Their Sales Team

Like Paul Connors, who plastered his own PMS™ everywhere in their HQ, equipping his team to take their premium awning & shutters business to a $10M/yr company!

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of taking everything you can do and packaging it into a short recipe that’s easy and entertaining to share…

If you’ve ever get up in the details of “how you do your magic” and notice that look: “You’ve lost me. I’m now politely nodding.” …

If you’ve struggled to keep client acquisition costs low …

If you’re witnessing clients leave before they have gone through, or discovered what your service can bring them…

Or if you have doubted that you have anything truly unique to offer—that you’ve thought of yourself as an imposter, struggling to believe you’re any different than your competitors…

Then the Hudge Factor is exactly what you might have been waiting for.

The Hudge Factor is the one way to extract a One-of-a-Kind recipe from any expert, and simplify it in such a way that

1) makes your service persuasive and alluring to prospects (and disqualifies the not-so-optimal ones)

2) guides you to create unique promotional content (e.g. Blogs, videos, social media, etc.) that stands apart

3) and allows you to teach your business culture, philosophy and methods as you expand and scale your team